The NFT Art Award

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Art :  The submitted work should be JPEG or PNG still images

PHOTO : The submitted work should be JPEG or PNG still images

  • Submit the original artwork. It should not be copyrighted by anyone else.
  • The submitted artwork must be displayed and run on a Macintosh or Windows environment.
  • The artwork must be a digital artwork created using a computer.
  • Though the copyrights of the selected ‘nominated works’ belong to the authors, they may be used by the Executive Committee for activities such as an announcement of the results of this competition and publicity and for advertising purposes.
  • The selected ‘Nominated Works’ will become original digital contents with a certificate of authenticity and a certificate of ownership that cannot be forged, utilizing NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), or in other words, ‘Blockchain’, which is known as the basic technology of cryptographic assets (Virtual Currency).
  • All entries will be displayed on the innovation Cube Marketplace and will be put into auction for sale from $3
  • In the event of a sale, ownership will remain with the ultimate purchaser. Still, the original copyright remains intact, and the original copyright owner is paid a stipulated royalty(guarantee)in perpetuity.
  • In the event of a sale, the rate of return ( royalty ) to the original copyright holder ( creator ) is 50% of the sale price for the first sale ( auction ). For the second and subsequent sales (resale), the fee will be 10% of the sale price continuously.
  • If your work is not selected as a ‘Nominated Work,’ it will not be converted to NFT and will not be exhibited.
  • However, works that have already been converted to NFT are not eligible for this event.
  • If there are no buyers at the end of the exhibition, we will continue to sell the work at the fixed price, but we may withdraw the work after a certain time.
  • The number of entries per person can be limited 5-10.
  • Any work that falls under any of the following categories will be disqualified from the selection process. In the event that plagiarism or copyright infringement is discovered after a work has been nominated, it will be immediately disqualified.
  1. Entries that violate a third party’s copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, or any other rights under the laws of any country.
  2. Any content that defames or libels a specific person or damages the reputation or credibility of a specific person. In addition, any content that provides personal information about a specific person without the permission of that person.
  3. Content that violates public order and morals or the laws of each country. Any content that is, or may be, contrary to public order and morals or the laws of any country.
  4. Any other content that is deemed inappropriate by the Project Committee as listed below.(above are Examples only, not limited to these)
    • Violent, grotesque, or other material that the general public would find offensive.
    • Discrimination or encouragement of discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender, nationality, etc.
    • Content that contains explicit sexual expression.
    • Any content that contains political claims or political content. that leads to the solicitation, dissemination, profit sharing, or cooperation of specific religious groups, anti-social forces, political groups (including similar groups), or ideological groups.
    • Any content that may lead to the invitation, dissemination, benefit provision, or cooperation of specific religious groups, political groups (including similar groups), or ideological groups.
    • Any content that may lead to the invitation of Infinite Chain Scheme, Multilevel Marketing, etc.
  1.  The work will be administered by the Innovation Cube NFTART Competition  Project’.

·  Submit your work


·  ·  Screening

First Screening Select Nominated Works.

After Screening, convert works that has passed to NFT

·  ·  Website Display

All nominated works will be exhibited and auctioned at innovation cube account.

·  ·  Auction Bid / Judges’ vote

※Auction Ranking will be updated anytime

·  ·  Virtual Display

The most Popular works will get displayed in the VR Gallery

·  ·  Winner announcement

The Best 2 winners will be awarded based on the overall ranking of the judges’ scores + Auction ranking.

·  ·  Auction result

The highest bidder will win each work at the end of the auction.

※Profit will be distributed to the creators according to the sales.

·  Secondary Market

Revenue of secondary market from trades between user will be shared too.

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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth is the Sponsor of this Jam will award the winner of this competition with 5,000 US Dollars , for Tow winners. and convert winning arts to NFT Art.

Pre Regitration

The NFT Art Award

The NFT Art Award
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Maximum upload size: 50MB